An invaluable source of information containing extensive knowledge (and real world examples) on TDC3000 / TPS systems and AMCL / PMCL control language programming

Pocket Information Books


The Pocket Information books provide 595 pages of extensive TDC3000 / TPS control system knowledge and experience and are aimed at users with all levels of system expertise.

An excellent introduction, training or reference guide, the pocket information books are useful for anyone working on TDC3000 / TPS control systems (apprentices, operators, engineers, consultants etc.).

They contain detailed descriptions and step by step instructions for performing various system functions and importantly real world examples (coding, fault rectification, issues found etc.).

Physically the pocket information books are 103 X 130mm in size and of high print quality. This makes them the perfect system companion as they fit easily into brief cases, tool bags, pockets, book cases, desk drawers or the glove box of a company vehicle.

Download the Table of Contents for more detail on each book.