Password protected PC hardening software that restricts access from unauthorized personnel by disabling USB storage device access, DVD/CD drives, floppy drives and PC Windows key (or any combination of these)

Drive Terminator

Whether installed on a personal or business laptop, PC’s on a company network or all PC’s / servers on a process control network (PCN / ICSS) the Drive Terminator restricts access by unauthorized personnel which protects your data and system.

A virus propagating through a control system can have dire consequences for companies. The chances of this are mitigated with anti-virus software, locking server cabinets, ensuring there are no direct connections to the internet from the control system etc.

The Drive Terminator adds a further level of security to your system by providing the functionlity to disable / enable the following:

  •  USB storage device access
  •  DVD / CD drives
  •  Floppy drives
  •  PC / server keyboard ‘Windows’ key

Drive Terminator

Additionally to further safeguard your system the Drive Terminator incorporates encrypted password protection to prevent unauthorized users from enabling disabled USB storage device access, disabled drives or a disabled Windows key.

Drive Terminator - password

Disabling and enabling USB storage device access / drives is simple. Enter the correct password then select which drive or USB storage access is required to be disabled / enabled via the selector buttons. The desired changes take place immediately (note a PC restart is required when floppy drives and / or the Windows key is enabled / disabled).

Drive Terminator - disabled

Authorised personnel who require access to the PC’s via a drive, or to use a USB storage device, simply enter the password then enable the required drive / USB storage device access, perform the required works on the PC then again disable the drive / USB storage device access. Personnel that do not have the Drive Terminator password cannot gain access.

Drive Terminator - incorrect password

The Drive Terminator is compatible with the following operating systems:

  •  Windows XP
  •  Windows Vista
  •  Windows 7
  •  Windows Server 2003
  •  Windows Server 2008
  •  Windows Server 2012

For industry users, as an example, Drive Terminator has been installed on PC’s/Servers running the following control and safety system software:

  •  Honeywell TPS GUS stations
  •  Honeywell Experion EST stations
  •  Honeywell Experion Consoles
  •  Honeywell Experion EPKS servers
  •  Honeywell Experion ESVT servers
  •  Honeywell ACE (Application Control Environment) servers
  •  Honeywell FSC Engineering stations (FSC Navigator)
  •  Honeywell FSC Sequence of Events (SOE)
  •  GE Cimplicity SCADA servers
  •  GE Cimplicity SCADA Viewer stations
  •  GE Machine Edition (engineering station)
  •  Yokogawa HIS stations
  •  Siemens SCADA stations
  •  Solar Turbine TT4000 Display and Monitoring Systems
  •  Domain controllers
  •  Laptops / PC’s running programming software for Allen Bradley / Schneider / Modicon / Siemens

Note: The Drive Terminator has been developed by kanepi Services Pty Ltd and is not affiliated with or authorised by any other company. Brand or product names are trademarks of their respective owners.